Liechtenstein Workshop on AI:

Design & Innovation

June 15, 2018

University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Software tools with autonomous capabilities to generate design outcomes are increasingly used by designers across industries and tasks, and these tools fundamentally revamp traditional design processes. Designers have to focus more on developing and managing the tools and understanding their behavior—and less on understanding the incremental shaping of the design artifact itself.

Autonomous tools acquire these capabilities by using computational methods adopted from artificial intelligence, such as pseudo-random number generation, machine learning, pattern recognition, meta-heuristics, and evolutionary algorithms. Because the tools can run multiple times without placing additional demands on the human designer, they produce increasingly varied and qualitatively different outcomes compared to the use of established automation tools supporting design such as CASE tools or CAD/CAM tools.


8am to 5pm

Breakfast will be provided
Lunch will be provided

Participation by invitation.


Surveying the field

Crafting a research agenda

Discussion & Closure

Part A: Introduction

  • Welcome & review: what has happened since the last workshop?
  • Two short presentations


Part B: Surveying the field

  • Identification of relevant related/adjacent research fields
  • Overview of existent research (across relevant fields)
  • Identification of research opportunities (particular industries, technologies, companies, etc.)


Part C: Crafting a research agenda

  • Key research questions, e.g., organized by phenomena
  • Theoretical lenses
  • Where/how to collect data
  • What analysis methods to use (perhaps with focus on computational analyses)


Part D: Discussion & Closure


Nicholas Berente

University of Georgia, USA

Aron Lindberg

Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Kalle Lyytinen

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Jeff Nickerson

Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

Stefan Seidel

University of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein